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Members of the firm participate at the leadership level in state and national professional organizations, and the company was a founding member of ACRA, the American Cultural Resource Association. The archaeologists are accredited by the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA). 

John Foster

John M. Foster, RPA, Vice President

Mr. Foster has 38 years of experience (23 as Associate with Greenwood and Associates; vice president since 1995) as project director or manager on extended, complex federal and state projects. His responsibilities include: project oversight, field strategy, research design development and implementation, logistical coordination, client/management liaison, and subcontractor management.  

Other areas of expertise include Section 106 and CEQA implementation with emphasis on working with Caltrans and their objectives.  Transportation projects are a specialty and have varied from Railroads to the Space Shuttle.  

Major projects have included two years at Diamond Valley Reservoir as Prinicipal Investigator for Historical Investigations, Project Manager for the MTA on Los Angeles Redline, Project Manager for Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, and others.  

Guest Lecturer: California Preservation Foundation on Archaeological Integrity, Ventura County Museum, San Buenaventura Conservancy, and Campo de Cahuenga Memorial Historical Society. 

Dana Slawson

Dana N. Slawson, Architectural Historian


Mr. Slawson has 35 years of experience in cultural resource management, qualified with the M. Arch. degree in his specialty.  He has 32 years of professional experience in architectural history, 29 years with Greenwood and Associates on a wide variety of state-wide projects.  

He has been responsible for a broad range of structural records and evaluations, including such notable resources as the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles Music Center, Los Angeles Civic Center, Hughes Aircraft plant at Playa Vista (including the hangar where the Spruce Goose was built), Richard Nixon's "Western White House" in San Clemente, and a Chinese temple in Cambria.  His studies have ranged from major commercial, industrial, and residential properties to dams, bridges, and single examples of vernacular architecture.  He has prepared historic structure reports, nominations to the National Register of Historic Places,  HAER documents for Prado Dam and the Hughes Industrial District, and  restoration plans, context documents, and mitigation plans.  Examples of complex studies include the literally several hundred residential and commercial structures that would be affected by the proposed I-55 corridor, the Caltrans I-710 Freeway Extension, and the Foothill Transportation Corridor with its many alternatives. He also consults on rehabilitation and restoration projects to ensure compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards. 


The following paragraphs provide additional information about the facilities and organization of Greenwood and Associates:

1. Equal opportunity:

An approved Affirmative Action Plan has been on file with the City of Los Angeles since 1975, and regularly updated.  The Affirmative Action Officer of the company is Roberta S. Greenwood.  We have successfully exceeded all goals for the hiring of women, and do our best to recruit, train, and employ ethnic minorities within the available labor pool, subject only to the professional qualifications required for specific tasks.   


2. Permits: 

Although not necessarily relevant to this project, we currently hold the following Federal Antiquities Act Permits: Cultural Resource Use CA-94-01-16, OMB 1024-0037, issued by the BLM, valid through Dec. 3, 1996; and USF ARPA Permit 103802.  These permits are evidence of the recognition and approval of our work by Interagency Archeological Services in Washington, and all the local agencies which must review and accept them; permits have been in force and regularly renewed since 1978.   The company has a current and valid business license with the Cities of Los Angeles, Ventura, and others as requested, and is on the list of approved cultural resource firms doing business within most of the counties of California.   


3. Insurance:

Greenwood and Associates is routinely covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance carried with the State Compensation Insurance Fund.  General liability, comprehensive form, contractual insurance, independent contractor's, and personal and property damage insurance is carried by American States Insurance Co. in the amounts of $2,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage, plus coverage for business, hired, or borrowed vehicles.  Personal auto insurance is carried by Twentieth Century for $250,000/500,000 bodily injury/property damage, with $60,000 coverage additional for uninsured or under insured vehicles.  We also carry professional liability insurance. Certificates of insurance are provided upon request.  Although we consider this level of protection to be reasonable and prudent to our clients and employees, we have a developed Safety Policy in force, have maintained an accident free record, and observe all standards and regulations of OSHA in our work.

4. Small business concern:

 Greenwood and Associates meets this definition as set forth in the regulations of the Small Business Administration (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 13, Section 121.3‑8), and Standard Industrial Classification 8999.  We are therefore eligible for all procurements under the small business set‑aside (1972 July). 

5. Equipment: 

Greenwood and Associates owns all of the routine and specialized tools and equipment used in scientific professional services including, but not limited to: two transits and tripods, stadia rod, Brunton compasses, metric tapes, and other surveying and recording equipment; hand held soil augers with extensions; custom probes; custom power shaker and hand screens, both with nesting and variable size mesh insets; custom wash rack with pressure regulator and accessories; drying trays; shovels, picks, buckets, wheelbarrows, and other hand tools; metal detector; portable generator; gross and fine metric scales; laboratory equipment. 

We maintain an extensive library including rare and current books, journals, maps, unpublished reports, and specialized reference material.  Photographic equipment for both color and black and white imagery includes an RCA videocamera, plus Kodak digital, Rolleiflex, Canon F‑1, Olympus and Nikon digitals, and  Minolta cameras, lenses, filters, accessories, calibrated copy stand, and lowel (sic) tota‑light system for remote or studio illumination.  Office equipment includes five desk-top computers (IBM compatible) with statistical, spreadsheet, and AutoCad software; two laptops, HP laser printers, Epson 800 and HP color printers,  Xerox Phaser color laser printer, FAX, and two copiers, including a cabinet production model with 17-inch capacity, collator, and accessories.  Drafting and production facilities include full-size light table, and portable light box.        

6. Auxiliary services: 

Aside from permanent staff with capabilities in both the research and field work activities of prehistoric and historical archaeology, historical architecture, and history, we provide consultant services as needed from specialists who work with us regularly in such related disciplines as remote sensing, paleontology, chronometrics, palynology, obsidian sourcing and hydration, etc.  Curation is provided at San Bernardino County Museum  or by consultant agreements with other accredited institutions nearer to the origin of collections.           

7. Accounting: 

All books and records are maintained by a Certified Public Accountant, and payroll is handled and reported by ADP.  The Federal identification number is 95-3311695.  State number is 229-8305-0.   

8. Awards and professional recognition:

Society of Professional Archeologists (SOPA), 1977-1998.

Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA), successor to above, 1998 to date.

21st Annual Conference of California Historical Societies, 1975.

American Association for State and Local History, 1983.

Candelaria American Indian Council, 1988.

Ventura City Council, 1992.

Society for California Archaeology, Lifetime Achievement, 1994.

Chinese Historical Society, 1996.

Cotsen Prize Imprint, for book Down by the Station, 1996.

Society of Professional Archaeologists, Distinguished Service, 1998.

Society for Historical Archaeology, Harrington Medal, 2001.

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